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QArea provides award-winning web & mobile development services that transform business ideas into software. As a team of the finalists of the European Software Testing Awards, we detect and forestall software crashes and connected business risks, applying both automated and manual QA methods.

For more than 18 years our inhouse team of 250+ specialists in development, testing, and design successfully launched 800+ projects that leverage business for enterprises, SMEs, and startups.

Giants as eBay, Microsoft, Skype, AOL, Huffington Post trust their code to QArea’s experts to write and evaluate.

For our 500+ clients to benefit from higher efficiency, we’ve developed the software tool that improves code quality and level-up process performance.

QArea is one of the first who professionally works on the fresh field of microservices and modular architecture. The clients, we launched Golang projects for (e.g.DueFocus), has already experienced the innovative advantages such as concurrency, self-containment, and wide applicability.

Software Development

Developers from QArea are masters of in-time delivery, thus your employees or customers will be delivered with solutions faster. And, considering every slightest aspect of any solution is tailored in a way that meets your precise requirements, your end-users will deliver friendly, effective and helpful software. As an addition, you will easily manage all kinds of processes with QArea’s creations. Applications we create flawlessly harvest, generate, analyze and store data, and cloud technology integration makes this process even less expensive and demanding in maintenance.

App Development

Application development is what we at QArea love and care about. We have managed to become one of the best companies in the market due a well-designed approach to every activity we perform.

Testing & QA services

We test every single line of the code, providing undeniable quality for your project and allowing your software products to have a strong fighting chance in the market.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Team model is practically tailored for fast, innovative businesses which constantly improve and create new services and products.
Dedicated Teams are completely customizable and you will only pay for people you truly require. You may easily maintain a solid grip on overall project management, or you can hire one from us if you wish to.
You can change, customize, maintain and deliver new value and functionality with ease due to the fact that same person who was responsible for every bite of code will be supporting it.
If you consider agile software development, a Dedicated Team would perfectly fit your needs in flexibility, professionalism, and proper equipment.

Services offered

App Development Services
Web Development Services
Web Design Services
Software Testing
Crm Consultancy
Freelance Ruby Developer
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QArea Outsourcing Software Development Company

QArea Outsourcing Software Development Company

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