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We all love music; it holds a power that very few things can hold in life. It can evoke memories, push us to dance, move us to tears, bring joy in the best of times and comfort us in the worst. It is something very few people can live without. Often as listeners we are powerless to it and yet there are those us who can wield its power and make it live through us in a way that cannot be imagined; we call ourselves musicians and I can tell you as one who has played for nearly ten years, performed in countless bands, written numerous songs and has earned a First Class Bachelors Degree in its study I could not begin to express how great my life has been because of it and how much of close friend music has become.


How did I develop such a life changing relationship with music? All it starts with picking up an Instrument, in my case the Guitar. It is the perfect instrument to start on, it is easy instrument for beginners, you can play hundreds of songs on it after learning three chords and be the life at the party, write songs of your own and express yourself in a way you never imagined, have it keep you company as you play on your own in your bedroom or take on the adoration of the crowd and play in a band and maybe even step into the limelight with a guitar solo, the possibilities are endless.

So why wait, begin your first steps into the world of music and guitar playing with me Thomas Rawlins. I possess over 2 years tutoring experience and can teach a range of styles, techniques and writing methods.

Intermediates and Advanced

Maybe you are already part of the way on your journey as Guitarist and want to go even further. You know the power of music and that once you start to explore you realise it is going to be a big journey. So do not hesitate to get some help in that journey and develop quickly and effectively through my teaching methods.


Maybe guitar is not your thing and you would rather be the King/Queen of the Groove. Be the person that gets people dancing and moving their heads, the glue that holds a band together. My Bass lessons will get you to bring 'One Nation Under a Groove' and either have your playing great lines in no time or get you playing even better than you have before.

Children and Young Adults

For those who are young and wanting to become a future great then know that you are in safe hands. I have experience in crafting lessons for anyone aged 4 to 104 and also possess a full DBS check (What used to be CRB) that has been done through the Musicians Union, the countries leading Union for Musicians representing over 30,000 musicians.

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