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A Cheltenham SEO services consultancy that believes search engine marketing for B2B SMEs can be done differently. For instance, we don't simply ask you to tell us what keywords you want to be found for. Instead, we provide you with a free no-obligation SEO report that shows you the current keywords you rank for along with the backlinks and social media activity that contributes to these. However, in addition, we'll show you this same information for three competitors that you nominate. This gives you valuable insights into your competitor's overall online strategy and a great base to judge what keywords you might what to rank for as well as what keyword 'quick wins' as well as longer-term goals to set.
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Keyword research

This is the fundamental foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Without having the analysis of what your prospects are typing into search engines, then all other efforts are compromised. We can show you where your rank well already which can be quickly further enhanced to obtain some quick wins as well as looking realistically at what may be longer term objectives.

Local SEO

A very unappreciated area for many smaller businesses to get their company noticed in a place that appears higher than the organic listings! We can help you with the key submissions needed for a consistent profile to be built up along with techniques to accelerate the number of positive reviews you receive that is vital for local visibility.Of course, the upshot of having natural links is that your exposure is improved in places where your prospects may be looking so these may generate business for you.

Backlink research

Contrary to many sources, backlinks are still vital to your rankings. However, it's important to bear in mind that post-Penguin Google is looking for links to other sites that it would expect for your company eg natural. We can provide you with competitor analysis of the backlinks that your competition is using to rank highly and then categorize and create campaigns to obtain these or similar backlinks.

Content management

Having great content can help in terms of getting great backlinks to your site from authoritative sites. Of course, this is only secondary to having great content that is well presented that improves your visitor's user experience. This should always be of paramount importance but this also has the benefit of greater engagement by user's with your site that Google rewards you for in terms of your ranking.

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