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IT Support Services, Support Packages, Remote Support Company, & System Health Monitoring.
We pride ourselves on providing a Cost-Effective service. What makes Tamite different from most of our competition is that our focus is on preventing technical issues from arising in the first place. We know that for clients, prevention is better than cure.

We address the major IT headache suffered by most small business clients & SMEs: lost productivity due to slow performance or unexpected system failure.

Fully Managed: Our remote monitoring service allows us to check your PC's or server's critical aspects and monitor security and backup.

We provide consultancy on most aspects of IT, including Security Strategies and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, and Copilot.

The next few years in IT will be fascinating as AI will be genuinely transformative for many of the tools we currently use to run our businesses.

Artificial intelligence will also increasingly turn up on our phones and tablets and get involved in our leisure; imagine a personal assistant curating music and entertainment, suggesting recipes and getting the online shopping list ready. A practical and social secretary, though initially without the charm of Jeeves.

One way we will see productivity increase with AI in business is by having an AI colleague and assistant, which will significantly benefit many of us who currently feel we are struggling with information overload.

Apple Mac Support

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for all your Apple devices. Our team of certified Apple support professionals ensures your Apple experience is seamless and secure.

You or your company have invested in running Apple Macs, and you want to partner with an IT support company that is an expert in Apple support, understands your business’s needs, and is technically capable.

Email Deliverability

Implementing DMARC, SPF, and DKIM can improve email security, but you may wonder what to do with DMARC reports.

With Valimail, you can achieve DMARC enforcement quickly and painlessly.

Get free visibility into the services sending emails as you take quick
action based on easy-to-do lists and automated workflows on the platform, and relax knowing our DMARC solution will notify you of any concerns.

Remember, you are either at full DMARC enforcement or not. There is no middle ground in keeping your domains protected.

Backup Services

Reliable and comprehensive backups are vital right across your business.
Backups must include servers, individual PCSs and laptops, websites, and cloud services such as Microsoft M365, as well as your websites.
We provide the services and software as a managed service as part of our fully Managed Service.

Training Services

Cyber awareness training online delivered to you at a time, place and pace that can be tailored to suit the individual; you are always in control.

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