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Vtec Solutions, based in Scotland, are pioneers of fleet management and fleet efficiency. We are the UK’s leading suppliers of TomTom Telematics. We launched our Fleet Performance Partnership Programme, FLEETiQ, in 2015 and since have shown drastic fleet improvements across all industries. Regardless of the size and diversity of your fleet, there will be savings to be made. We ensure that we work closely with you to get the most out of your fleet GPS tracking software, telematics and your integrated solutions to efficiently streamline your fleet. Our team are here to help with all of your fleet needs; from the choice of hardware all the way through to selecting the most relevant technology to assist and support your fleet.

More About Vtec Solutions

We’re fleet performance partners throughout Scotland and across the North of England. We guarantee to use our innovative fleet tracking management solutions to save you as much money as possible, but also improve your fleet efficiency. With a Fleet Performance partner, we work alongside you and dedicate our efforts to improving your fleet management and ensure your business objectives are met.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our fleet tracking solutions use telematics technology to collect valuable data and information from a fleet of assets. We obtain real-time data so it is more valuable and useful for fleet managers to use to make quick strategic decisions. In order to improve the efficiency of your fleet, you need management software like ours which is intelligent, can interpret large amounts of data from a fleet and can transform this data into easy-to-use reports. Our fleet tracking solutions include several features that your business could benefit from – including fleet efficiency, route optimisation, tachograph management, job scheduling, integrated dashcams and e-proof delivery.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management, or fleet tracking, is a management system which utilises Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor the activity of tracked assets throughout your company – including vehicles, equipment and workforce. Generally, fleet tracking collects land-based assets including your company cars, vans, trucks, field workers and essential equipment.

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Fleet Management

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Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

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