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IT Recycle LTD

Computer Recycling

IT Recycle is one of the leading e-waste and IT equipment recycling companies servicing areas across the United Kingdom. We offer computer, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet recycling and data destruction services for individuals and businesses. Our IT disposal services are 100% compliant with GDPR and WEEE regulations. Our fully integrated value IT recycling solutions and processes maximize yield and reduce costs. IT recycling hardware has never been easier and safer with IT Recycle.

Services offered

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Address 91 Easter Road
Phone 07453029783
Phone 07453029783

Fabby Web Insights

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Movers and Packers in Dubai

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City PC Repairs

Laptop, Apple Mac, Smartphone, Tablet Repairs in Edinburgh

Trading since 2004 City PC Repairs offer a wide range of hardware, software and component level repairs for the following devices.

Apple Macs
Tablet repairs
Smartphone repairs
Screen repairs for laptops, tablets and phones
Data recovery from hard drives and ssd drives as well as flash media data recovery

All our work comes complete with a warranty and we offer a no fix no fee service as well as a no data no fee for our data recovery services.
Based in Edinburgh we accept repairs and data recovery cases at our shop in person or by post.

Services offered

Computer Repair Services | Phone Repair | Data Security Services | Apple Mac Repairs | Laptop And Mac Screen Repairs | Data Recovery Services | Iphone & Ipad Repairs | Console Repair


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Address 14 Elgin Terrace
Phone 0131 661 9591
Phone 0131 661 9591
Phone 2 0778 4030 983 (phone 2)
SSD Recovery

JT Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services

At JT Data Recovery we are an independent data recovery company based in Edinburgh. We specialize in recovery data from faulty or damaged storage media including:
Hard Drives
SSD Drives
Apple Macbooks
Most Smartphones
Raid array recovery
Nas recovery.

We offer a postal service throughout the UK, offering a free evaluation for any data recovery case as well a a fixed cost for data recovery. No data no fee.

Services offered

Data Recovery Services | Data Security Services | Data Recovery Hard Drives | Solid State Drives | Apple Macbooks | Laptops And Usb Sticks | Sd Cards And Cameras | Phone Repair | Computer Repair Services


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Address 14B Elgin Terrace
Phone 0131 235 2486
Phone 0131 235 2486
Phone 2 0778 403 0983 (phone 2)
Phone Repair


Computer Repair, Laptop Repair

Welcome to Scot-Comp! We will Repair your: Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone, or Gaming Console. Our services:
Mobile Phone Screen Replacement, Phone Repair, Tablet Repair
HDMI Repair, PS4 HDMI replacement, XBOX HDMI Replacement
Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Cleaning, Computer Service, Thermal paste replacement
Iphone Repair, Iphone Screen Replacement, Apple Repair, Imac Repair
Data Recovery, HDD Repair.

90-Days Warranty
The way Scot-Comp work is straightforward. Whatever repair work we do, we offer a 90-day warranty for the same. Also, if we fail to fix a problem, you won’t be charged for that. We begin our process by first identifying the problem. In most cases, we fix the problem on the same day so that you can start using your device right away; however, in case of severe damage, we may keep your device. You will be notified about the day when you can pick up your device from us.

Professional Technicians
Our company is backed by a team of professional technicians and engineers who bring their expertise to the table. These technicians are well-trained, and they have in-depth knowledge about different Apple devices. Our technicians will go through your device and start troubleshooting the problem right away so that you don’t have to waste any time. Give us a call and bring your laptop to our office; let us take a look.

Phone Repair, Tablet Repair

We offer comprehensive mobile phone repair: iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and so on. Here at Scot-Comp Edinburgh we know how to handle tablet repairs of any kinds for competitive prices.

Data Recovery, HDD Recovery

Hard Disk Drives data recovery fixed prices. No Data, No fee, No hidden fees. Apple friendly.

Apple Product Repair, Iphone Repair

Pop into Scot-Comp office, and we will check what’s wrong with your Apple device and also offer you a free estimate for the repair cost. Whether you have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iMac, we can take care of everything. We understand that Apple products require some investment, and no one wants their investment to go in vain. This is the reason why Scot-Comp provides you with an affordable Apple product repair service. It’s alright if your device has exceeded the factory warranty period; our service won’t cost you much.

Services offered

Mobile Phone Screen Repair | Phone Repair | Tablet Repair | Hdmi Repair | Ps4 Hdmi Repair | Xbox Hdmi Repair | Computer Repair | Laptop Repair | Computer Cleaning | Computer Service | Thermal Paste Replacement | Iphone Repair | Iphone Screen Replacement | Apple Repair | Imac Repair | Data Recovery | Hdd Repair | Computer Repair Services | Console Repair | Data Recovery Services | Data Security Services | Graphic Design Services | Seo Consultancy Services | Web Design Services | Advertising Services | Branding Agency | Business Development Services | Crm Consultancy | Copywriting Services | Online Marketing Consultancy | Pr Agency | Social Media Consultant | Software Testing | Web Development Services | Video Production Services


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Address 91 Easter Road
Phone 01314662652
Phone 01314662652

Featured article

Reduce Electronic Waste by Recycling your PCs

Computer Recycling, Electronic Recycling, Laptop Recycling, Pc Repair,

Reduce Electronic Waste by Recycling your PCs

It’s hard to get impressed with all the advanced gadgets at once. That’s why we say farewell to our old stuff by replacing them with brand new ones. Sounds modern. But what about the items you’ve abandoned? Are you going to throw them away or store them in the backyard’s tiny cabin? If it sounds concerning to you, then don’t panic. We’re here to help.

We’ll introduce you to the best methods to get rid of your old stuff, electronic waste in particular. Now make yourself comfortable, if possible, then grab a cup of tea, and start scrolling down. It’s time to talk business.

If you want to free yourself from electrical items and possess questions like where I can recycle my old laptop battery, then you’re at the right place. We’re genuinely here for those who don’t want to put any harm to the aesthetics of nature. We’ll introduce you to the nature-friendly method called recycling. If it sounds familiar, then yes, with the help of recycling, you cannot only eliminate the old stuff but also make it valuable for reuse. Sounds like a smart idea. Isn’t it?

So now you’re familiar with recycling, but how are you going to do it? How to recycle electrical goods? Don’t get worried. Just don’t stop scrolling down. The solutions are desperately waiting for you.

How can you recycle electrical items?

Suppose you’re still not concerned about recycling. In that case, it’d be great if you know that disposing of electrical waste by throwing it in a junkyard is illegal in most countries worldwide, the UK in particular. So if you’ve changed your mind, why don’t you take a significant part in reducing electrical waste by recycling the PCs. We’ll help you throughout the process.

There are several recycling options you can get your hands on. It’s hard, to sum up the list at once, but for your convenience, we’ve shortlisted the best and easiest ways to reprocess the electrical items. Here are some of it:

  1. Donate your old items

Reduce electronic waste 

There’s no better option to reduce electrical waste than donating it to a needy person. You’ll get both respect and appreciation in this regard. Also, you don’t have to use any rocket science on it. Just pay a needy person a visit, or submit it to any institution. If you’re a resident of the royal country, then you can also reach out to the laptop recycling UK companies in this regard. Sounds like an act of kindness to us. Empathy aside, you’ll get the free computer recycling by donating it.

Why are you still on your sofa, go and donate your items. Just kidding. Donate it after reading the complete article.

  1. Recycling by shredding

Recycling by Shredding

If you’re thinking about how shredding is related to recycling, then hold tight. You’ll get your answer. If this question is popping in your mind, how can I recycle computer equipment near me or free computer and electronics recycling near me? Then you’re the luckiest person on earth because if you peep outside, dozens of laptop recycling UK companies will be waiting for you. The only thing you’ve to do is make a deal with the company’s owner, send your stuff, and bingo! Satisfactory results will be your fate. The best advantage you’ll get by shredding your electrical items is you can separate the valuable parts from the worthless ones and recycle or sell them. Both will result in your favor.


  1. Reach out to the tech companies

Reach out to the tech companies 

If the questions of where I can recycle my old laptop battery and how I can recycle computer equipment near me is still bothering you, then it’s time we talk about it more professionally. One of the best ways to eliminate electronic waste by electronics recycling is to reach out to the company you bought your item from. The reason behind that is most of the companies out there, especially in the UK, offer free recycling. You can also trade your old items with the devices available in the same price range. Sounds win-win. In this way, you’ll get rid of your ancient stuff, get the new one, and save the world from unnecessary e-waste.

If you’re still thinking about how you can get a computer and electronics recycling near me? Then it would be great for you if you reach out to us in the first place.

It does not end here. There are a few essential things you need to keep in mind before getting the job done.

What to do before recycling your products?

Before you get free computer recycling services, it’d be great for you if you double-check your device because you don’t want to share your personal data with others. Do you? You genuinely know how to recycle electrical goods, but we don’t know who is recycling them.

Most recycling companies operate by keeping professionalism in mind, but you might not want to take chances. So wiping your data or transferring it to another device before recycling would be great to take in this regard.


The world is a beautiful place to live in, then why stuff it with unwanted items? No doubt that technology is a blessing for humanity, but it doesn’t mean that we throw the old things into the junkyard. PC Repair Services came up with the perfect solutions in this regard. We introduced the three best and easiest ways to dispose of unwanted electronic waste by electronics recycling. All of them are easily accessible and worth having. Even some companies offer it for free that take things to the next level. Countries like the UK are doing their best to take crucial steps to reduce e-waste as fast as they can. Now it’s our responsibility to become a prominent part of this extraordinary campaign. Just make your mind. PC Site Repair Services will be your guide on this journey.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I get free recycling near me?

A: Getting the best and free recycling services is not that hard, especially in countries like the UK. For free services, it’d be great if you donate your old stuff to a needy person. Trading can also be a good option in this regard. The only thing you’ve to do is contact your nearest recycling company and get the work done within a moment.

Q: What is the best way to recycle e-waste?

A: We have discussed the three best ways to get git of your electronic waste by electronics recycling. All of them are easily accessible and worth having, but we’re talking about the very best service, then it’d be the donation of your stuff. In this way, you’ll get both respect and pleasure simultaneously.

Q: How can I dispose of my old computer?

A: Dispose of old computers is not a big deal. The only thing you’ve to do is reach out to a shredding company or donate your stuff to a needy person or institute. The results will be satisfying.

Author: IT Recycle

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