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Door Interior Design Services Miami Florida / design bookmark #992
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Interior Design Tampa | Polo Interior & Lighting Design
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Interior Design | Renovation | Project Management - Miami Beach - Sunny Isles Beach - Bal Harbour - South Beach - Coral Gables - Key Biscayne - Fisher
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Ivette Arango | Complete Interior Design Services
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Miami Interior Design | Exceptional Interior Design Services in South Florida - Frances Herrera.
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Affordable Interior Design Miami
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Making a STATEMENT in Design - A Miami, FL Interior Design Company
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Interior Design Firms - Receive Interior Design Services from Top Miami Florida Office House Interior Designer | SW Design
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Naples Interior Design Firm | Tres Jolie Maison Inc, Naples, Florida
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Residential Interior Design Miami | Pepe Calderin Design
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Interior Designers in Miami and Palm Beach - DawnElise Interiors
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Interior Design Services, Interior Designer Miami-Florida by J Design Group
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Fava Design Group - Contact them for Interior Design Fort Lauderdale
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Interior Designers Miami (AD) Interior Design Businesses Miami
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Premium Residential Interior Design by Expert Interior Designers in Fort Lauderdale & Miami | Yomar Consulting
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MSID Interior Design: Michael Segal, South Florida Professional Interior Designer based in Miami
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Interior Designers Hialeah FL - affordable design, Hialeah FL decorating, Hialeah FL design tips, Hialeah FL Erinn Valencich, Hialeah FL interior d
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Living room by Frances Herrera, lifestyle reflected in design
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Hialeah High School Interior : Modern Contemporary House Interior Design. Black And White Bedroom Interior Design By In Minimalist Black. Hialeah High
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Featured article

How to Clean a Chandelier in 10 Easy Steps

Discover how to clean a chandelier by following these 10 quick and easy steps. Dusty chandeliers may not give off the sparkle and brilliance you come to expect. After all, you paid all that money for your chandelier to shine bright.

How to Clean a Chandeleir

Chandeliers are one of the most decorative lighting fixtures available on the market, and they make a great focal point for any room.

Over time you may find that your chandelier will begin to collect large amounts of dust, and soon your beloved chandelier will become completely covered.

To keep your chandelier at its sparkling best and brightest, it’s a good idea to regularly give it a thorough clean.

Following these 10 nifty steps, we can help guarantee your chandelier shines bright like a diamond.


10 Steps for Cleaning a Chandelier

Cut the Power

Before getting into the cleaning, it’s important to first consider your safety.

Remember to turn off the power to the chandelier that you are planning on cleaning.

Chandeliers contain electrical wiring which flows throughout the arms. These electrical wires are attached to a main electrical component which runs through the centre of the chandelier.

Whilst the chandelier is connected to this main, it poses a serious health and safety risk. As you well know, liquid and electricity do not mix so to avoid any electrical hazards, remember to cut all power to your chandelier.

We also strongly recommend not cleaning your chandelier straight away after switching the power off. Many chandeliers are left on for hours (if not indefinitely), and over time the bulbs will begin to build-up large amounts of heat.

To avoid burning yourself, please allow your chandelier a ‘cool-down’ period before proceeding to clean.


‘Cushion’ the Chandelier

Even the most cautious and attentive individuals can be clumsy from time to time.

We advise placing a soft blanket or a pillow beneath your chandelier before you begin dismantling it.

Providing a soft surface below your chandelier will act as a safety net and will cushion any pieces that may accidentally fall to the floor when you begin disassembling your chandelier.

The soft surface will absorb any shock from the fall and will prevent pieces of your chandelier from breaking or being damaged if they happen to fall.


Don’t Forget the Photos

Remember to take photos before you begin dismantling your chandelier. Images are very important as without them you are heavily relying on your own instinct and knowledge.

Before you get carried away dismantling your chandelier, grab the nearest camera and begin taking photos from multiple angles.

Photos are very useful when you begin re-assembling your chandelier as they can be used as a template to help remember which pieces go where.


Carefully Remove Pieces One-by-One

Once you have taken all the necessary precautionary measures, it’s time to get down to the dirty business.

Carefully remove each individual piece of your chandelier, making sure you remove each section one-by-one. If you have a crystal chandelier, this process may take longer but be sure to take extra care when removing each individual crystal.

Cautiously place each piece of your chandelier into a nearby container to avoid losing any important pieces.


Cleanse with Hot Water Mix

Begin by mixing a small bucket of hot water with some detergent — you can find a wide variety of chandelier cleaning detergents online or you can use a standard washing up liquid.

Once mixed, use a small cloth to begin giving each piece of the chandelier a good thorough clean to remove any stagnant dust or tough stains.

Be careful when handling fragile pieces of the chandelier as certain cleaning motions and pressures of the cleaning could shatter or break the chandelier.


Rinse With Cold Distilled Water

Fill a second bucket with some cold, distilled water.

The purpose of this stage is to rinse off any excess detergent which might have been left behind on the pieces of your chandelier.


Rinse and Repeat

It may be the most tedious step in the cleaning process, but it is a necessary one.

You might find that a few of the pieces of your chandelier still have some leftover residue or dirt.

If you find some pieces of your chandelier are still dirty, we advise repeating the previous two steps until you are fully-satisfied with the outcome.

You might find yourself regularly replacing the water for both steps, but it is important that you are not cleaning your chandelier with dirty water as this could leave streaky marks.


Sparkle It Up

Give the pieces of your chandelier a little added sparkle.

Grab a small bowl of distilled water and add a few drop of ammonia to the liquid.

Ammonia is commonly used in household cleaning supplies and is frequently used to offer streak-free results.

Using a small cloth, begin by carefully brushing on some of the ammonia liquid onto each piece of your chandelier.

Once you have completed brushing the ammonia liquid onto the pieces of your chandelier, rinse off any excess ammonia with some distilled water.


Time to Dry

Now it’s time to dry off your chandelier.

Using a soft towel, begin carefully patting down each piece of your chandelier.

Alternatively, you can take a longer approach and leave the pieces of your chandelier out to air dry.


Re-Assemble the Chandelier

Once the pieces of your chandelier are all sparkling clean, only one step remains; putting it all back together.

With the help of the photos you took earlier, begin by carefully re-attaching the chandelier to its original form.

You can avoid getting the chandelier dirty again by wearing some cotton gloves, or by using a soft lint-free cloth. These fabrics will prevent transferring or shedding any materials onto your chandelier and will help avoid getting fingerprints on your newly cleaned chandelier.

If you decided to use our suggested tip earlier of ordering the pieces from left to right, you can begin constructing the chandelier back together using the pieces from right to left.


Let Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions Help Clean Your Chandelier

At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we are specialists when it comes to chandeliers. Not only can we install your chandelier, but we also offer a comprehensive chandelier cleaning and refurbishment service to residents and businesses in Edinburgh and across Scotland. We have built-up years of knowledge working with some of the largest companies, oldest buildings and most complex chandeliers. Our inside knowledge of each nook and cranny allows us to thoroughly clean each and every chandelier from top to bottom, regardless of how large or complex they are.

If you find yourself struggling to clean your chandelier or find you do not have the correct tools to do the job, then please feel free to get in touch with the chandelier experts at Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions.

You can phone us on 0131 225 3205 or drop us an email at . We look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions