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Logo Swiss Security Solutions

Swiss Security Solutions GmbH

The official Intently page of the innovative leader in Investigations and Intelligence Services, Security Management and Security & Safety Services.Swiss Security Solutions provides customized premium Swiss quality security and investigative solutions, services and systems to help, serve, secure and care for the people and businesses in our communities, and to make our private and business customers feel safe. At Swiss Security Solutions, we firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, and professionalism, as well as a dedication to providing the best possible protection for people, property, data, and assets.
We offer suitable integral security solutions from a single source. Would you like information about customized security solutions or optimization options? We will be pleased to advise you.

Security Management

We offer corporate security management in Switzerland and globally.

Security & Safety Audit

We offer corporate and private Security & Safety Audit in Switzerland and globally.

Security Services

We offer other corporate & private Security Services in Switzerland and globally.

Services offered

Alarm Monitoring Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Cash In Transit Security Services | Close Protection Security Services | Construction Site Security Services | Corporate Security Services | Door Supervisor Security Services | Mobile Patrol Security Services | Private Detective | Retail Security Services | Security Guard Services | Vacant Property Security Services


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Address Schaffhauserstrasse 550.
Phone +41445866033
Phone +41445866033
WhatsApp   +41445866033

GLD Security

Alarms Edinburgh

We are expert CCTV, Alarms and Access Control installers in Edinburgh. We provide 1 year guarantees on all services and 24/7 emergency call-outs.

Services offered

Cctv Monitoring Services | Fire Alarm Testing | Alarm Monitoring Services | Corporate Security Services


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Address 5 Parkhead Gardens, Edinburgh EH11 4SB
Phone 0131 531 4727
Phone 0131 531 4727

CCTV Camera Centre

CCTV Camera Kit Supplier

The CCTV camera centre provides security cameras for home and business. We stock CCTV Kits, Recorders, Wireless transmitters. 3 yr warranty on all products Next day delivery

Services offered

Cctv Monitoring Services


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Address 6 Herriot Grove, St Davids Park
Phone 7394211344
Phone 7394211344
Phone 2 01244 534453 (phone 2)

Capital City Electrical

Capital City Electrical are NICEIC approved domestic and commercial electricians covering Edinburgh, the Lothians and the surrounding areas. They provide a full range of electrical services and are happy to take on small jobs as well as larger projects. In addition to this they are fully endorsed Which? Trusted Traders as well as members of Edinburgh City Council's Trusted Trader Scheme. All their staff are friendly, fully qualified and professional at all times. Get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

Commercial Electricians

We provide electrical services for shops, offices, restaurants, hotels and other businesses. Check out our website to view some of our latest projects

Domestic Electricians

We provide a full range of electrical services for domestic clients e.g. re-wiring, fusebox upgrade, lighting installation, appliance installation, fault finding and smoke alarm/house alarm installation

EV Charger Installation

We are OLEV accredited EV charger installers and can install a new EV ChargePoint at your home quickly and without any fuss. We can also help you access the EVHS grant which can go towards installation costs.

Services offered

Electrician | Pat Tester | Shower Installation Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Appliance Repair Services


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Address 131 Gilmore Place
Phone 0131 202 9188
Phone 0131 202 9188

Security Services - Spetsnaz Security International

Spetsnaz Security International

Licensed and insured private business, protecting you and your assets, and offering many services, including:

Security guards / bodyguards
Transportation / secure escort
Private investigations
Key-holding and locksmith

We work for VIPs, celebrities, executives, and other at-risk individuals needing specialised protection services.

We keep you safe without compromising your privacy. Our officers are specially trained to identify and analyse any threats or issues that may arise, thereby preventing them from escalating.

Private Investigations

Our Detectives And Private Investigation Services are ready at a moment's notice. We are discreet, reliable and affordable.

We provide the best Detectives And Private Investigation Services with extensive experience over 14 years. We are providing high calibre, reliable, affordable, trustworthy and professional SIA Licensed Detectives And Private Investigation Services.

Our multi-lingual detectives carry out professional investigations for a variety of clients. We work with solicitors, insurance companies, local authorities, private companies and individuals. We are also employed by the Police and Government Agencies.

Door Supervision | Bouncers | Doormen | SIA Licensed


All of our Supervisors are Proactive, Certified and SIA Licensed. Our Officers are highly trained, experienced, trustworthy, professional, and ready to dispatch at a moment's notice.

Our Proactive service includes:

FREE initial venue assessment.
FREE initial & annual venue risk assessments.
Experienced and ‘hands on’ Management Team
Provision of trained, experienced, vetted & Door Supervisors London - SIA Door Supervisors.
A friendly, reliable and cost effective service from a responsible and reliable company.
Provision of only the best, ‘customer’ focused staff so your venue and customers are safe at all times.
A company who provides a highly professional approach to security.
Fully insured service with Employers and Public Liability Insurance.

Our Trustworthy Professional team of Male And Female Door Supervisors are known amongst our clients for their positive attitude, flexibility, reliability, high standard of personal presentation, adherence to dress code, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and extensive experience in this customer focused role.

Our services are based on listening to your needs and giving our advice to provide a positive and long lasting business relationship.

Our Door Supervisors usually work in teams of two or more, depending on the size of the venue. They work closely with the police, first aid and emergency response teams, and venue management, maintaining constant contact with staff members and other personnel via radio equipment.

In large venues, they may use queue management techniques to avoid crushing and queue jumping. Body searches may also be carried out and can involve the use of metal detectors to deter the carrying of weapons.

Cash In Transit Services

Armed-Unarmed Officers available at short notice National And International. We offer Most Safe, Secure, efficient cash in transit services for all business types and sizes throughout the UK And International.

As an international company, we provide the best Secure Transportation Services in London with extensive experience over 14 years. We are providing classy, high calibre, reliable, affordable, trustworthy and professional SIA Licensed Secure Transportation Services nationwide.

We are the premier cash management specialist in London, The UK, Worldwide – we help manage the public flow of cash in society.

We are a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of armored cars, lightweight, transparent, and opaque armor for automotive and architectural applications. Since 1975, our experienced staff has been manufacturing bulletproof vehicles to protect distinguished clients throughout the world.

Services offered

Door Supervisor Security Services | Private Detective | Locksmith | Alarm Monitoring Services | Security Guard Services | Cash In Transit Security Services | Construction Site Security Services | Corporate Security Services | Mobile Patrol Security Services | Retail Security Services | Vacant Property Security Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Chauffeur | Airport Transfer | Door Replacement Services | Fire Alarm Testing


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Phone +447599574524
Phone +447599574524
Phone 2 +48570969009 (phone 2)
WhatsApp   +447599574524

Momentum Security Recruitment

Momentum Security
Security specialists across UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Since 1999 Momentum Recruitment has offered a specialist recruitment service to the security sector. We offer a bespoke recruitment service across key markets including; Corporate Security, Retail Loss Prevention, Electronic Security Systems, Manned Guarding (Management & Officer personnel), Sales & Business Development and Cyber Security.

Services offered

Cash In Transit Security Services | Alarm Monitoring Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Close Protection Security Services | Construction Site Security Services | Corporate Security Services | Door Supervisor Security Services | Mobile Patrol Security Services | Vacant Property Security Services | Retail Security Services | Security Guard Services | Recruitment Services


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Address 19 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1JB
Phone 07725621066
Phone 07725621066
Safe Simple Secure logo 2020

Safe Simple Secure

Home Security Systems

Safe Simple Secure is an established, professional and reliable home security and business security company based in Edinburgh. Established in 2006, we have provided security solutions for thousands of residential and commercial properties. We are passionate about ensuring your property is secure, and we make sure that each of our customers are offered the best possible security solutions to keep what matters most to them safe and secure.

At Safe Simple Secure, we use the latest technically advanced, reliable and easy-to-use security equipment to help protect you, your family, your employees and your most valued possessions from prying burglars, intruders and thieves. As security specialists, our main line of work revolves around the design, supply, installation and maintenance of home and business security. We're experts in burglar alarms and CCTV systems, and we are dedicated to giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve in their own homes and workplaces.

SSAIB Qualified

We're fully-qualified SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) registered installers. Our SSAIB accreditation requires us to adhere to all the latest European security regulations; from the hardware we use to the installation methods we use. All the high-tech equipment we use must fall in line with the European standards which are set, and we must ensure that we install all of our equipment to the highest possible standard. Not only do we have years of security knowledge under our belt, we are also fully-qualified and registered electricians and locksmiths.

Free Security Surveys

If you are interested in adding a little more security to your home or business, we can provide a free security survey of your premises regardless of the type of origin of any existing security system you may already have in place.

BAFE Accredited

We are BAFE accredited for the design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems.

Services offered

Vacant Property Security Services | Corporate Security Services | Alarm Monitoring Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Retail Security Services | Burglar Alarms | Smoke Alarms | Home Security | Business Security | Door Entry Security | Thermal Imaging Systems


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Address 50 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6JQ
Phone 0131 558 9205
Phone 0131 558 9205

Featured article

10 Effective Ways to Deter Burglars and Intruders

In the UK, it is believed that a home burglary is carried out every 40 seconds. To put it into perspective, by the time you read this blog, three home burglaries have already taken place. Luckily as home security experts, we have written a blog which identifies 10 effective ways to deter burglars and intruders.


It’s believed that a home burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the United Kingdom. That could mean that by the time you have spent reading this blog, three home burglaries have already taken place.

That statistic alone is enough to frighten any homeowner, but as security specialists, it gives us nightmares.

Although not mutually connected, at Safe Simple Secure we like to compare home security to an onion. What we mean by this is that your home security should have multiple layers. As you begin peeling back each layer, it should get more difficult for a burglar to get what they want; enough to make them cry.

To help strengthen the security of your home, we wanted to provide you with a short guide on some of the most effective (and affordable) burglar deterrents.

10 Burglar Deterrents That Work

Install a Burglar Alarm System

Burglar alarm systems remain one of the most popular and effective burglar deterrents any homeowner can invest in. The only issue is; most homeowners forget to use them or don’t know how to operate theirs.

Many homeowners may not have been provided with the training on how to operate their security system or change the batteries, whilst many may have previously moved into a property with a security system already installed.

If this is the case, we recommend getting in contact with an experienced security installation company who can inspect and assess the system to ensure that it is in working condition.

Choosing the right security installation company will be able to advise and assist you with any issues you have regarding your burglar alarm system, along with recommending any other areas of your property which could require further security.

Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting

Lights are counter-intuitive in the nature of a burglar.

Burglars and intruders do not work well in areas which are well lit and visible because the chances of being caught are much higher.

We recommend ensuring that your full property is fitted with fully-functional outdoor security lighting.

Motion-activated outdoor security lighting will illuminate any shadowed areas of your home whenever it detects even the slightest movements around your property.

Get a Guard Dog

Dogs are great companions, but they also make great burglar deterrents. There is a reason they’re referred to as “man’s best friend”.

Burglars tend to avoid properties which cause a commotion by barking dogs. Burglars do not want to risk alerting nearby neighbours of their intentions, but they also want to avoid being bitten.

Maintain Surrounding Landscape

Gardens which appear to be patchy, excessively long and neglected can indicate to burglars that you are away, and this makes your home particularly vulnerable.

Trees, bushes and shrubs which haven’t been properly maintained provide burglars with great hiding places, so it’s important to keep your front and back gardens well maintained and trimmed to prevent burglars from receiving any opportunities to break into your home.

Multiple Door Locks

In most recorded burglaries, criminals broke into the house through the door — either by forcing entry through the locks or by kicking it in.

Burglars are also becoming more sophisticated in the methods they use to break-in. Burglars nowadays have the capabilities to pick the locks on your doors, so having single lock doors will allow intruders to gain access effortlessly.

We recommend installing multiple locks on each of your doors throughout your home.

Install a CCTV Surveillance System

Home CCTV security cameras are one of the most effective deterrents for burglars and intruders.

If a burglar spots that your property is recording their every move, they may avoid targeting your home as there is a higher risk of exposing their identity. We would recommend installing CCTV cameras both indoors and outdoors which are equipped with night vision. Night vision camera will help record any movements that happen inside and outside your property when it’s dark. We also advise ensuring you have a decent hard drive so you can record a few days’ worth of video before your memory fills up.

If you find yourself financially unable to purchase a CCTV system, there is an alternative method. There is the option to improvise and use ‘fake’ CCTV cameras around your property.

Whilst we do not recommend solely relying on imitations to protect your home, they can give potential burglars and intruders the impression that your home is recording the movements of the surrounding premises. If you decide to opt-in to use this method, we would recommend looking for a high-quality replica and not just selecting cheap plastic ones that burglars could easily identify as dummies.

Internal Timer-Operated Lighting

Whether you’re at work during the day, going on holiday or just leaving your home for a few hours in the evening, your home may be targeted by a burglar if it looks unoccupied.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make your home look occupied, even when you’re not home. By purchasing lighting timers, you can set a timer to turn some of your lights or appliances on throughout the day.

These timers provide an excellent and cost-effective way of allowing you to set a timer on your lights or other electrical appliances which give off the impression that there is someone home.

Double Glazing Security Glass

If your home does not yet have double glazing glass, it may be time to consider them. Although replacing your windows may not be cheap, when it comes to the safety of the occupants and the security of your home, it’s worth the price.

Glass panels on doors and windows are a particularly vulnerable area for burglars to target as they can be easily smashed. If your doors have glass panels, we recommend replacing them with laminated glass which is a stronger material.

Alternatively, you can consider replacing the glass for your doors and windows with security glass which is a stronger, tougher glass to break.

Be Smart Online

Social Media has overtaken our lives. We share endless information, sometimes without taking a moment to ourselves to think of what information we’re actually sharing to the world.

Noel “Razor” Smith, a former bank robber who carried out more than 200 burglaries and served a total of 32 years behind bars, explained that “Bragging about your holidays on social media is an absolute no-no. It’s just saying ‘come and burgle my house’. Organised gangs are having a field day”.

So if you’ve got a holiday booked, or if you’re only leaving for a few hours, avoid sharing this information online. You don’t want to return home to find all of your valuable possessions gone.

Hide Valuables from Sight

It’s likely that burglars have carried out some reconnaissance beforehand, and this likely involves looking in your windows and finding valuable possessions.

New television sets, laptops, jewellery, money and other valuables can be very tempting for prowling burglars.

Therefore to prevent unwanted attention to your valuable possessions, we recommend hiding them out of plain sight. Place any portable valuables in storage cupboards or lock them away in a nearby safe.

If you haven’t already, we would suggest putting up some blinds or curtains to make it more difficult for burglars to peek inside your home through your windows.

Protect and Secure Your Property with Safe Simple Secure

We cannot express enough the importance of effective home security. It’s important to fortify your home security to a level which makes your home unappealing and less desirable to potential burglars. After all, it’s the safety of your loved ones and the security of your most valuable possessions at stake.

If you feel you are not comfortable with the level of security your home has and feel there is room for improvements, please get in touch with us by calling 0131 558 9205 or by sending us an email to We will be able to provide you with a full inspection of your premises, consult you on areas in which may be vulnerable and provide suggestions on the best security solutions.

Originally published at on April 10, 2018.

Author: Safe Simple Secure Ltd

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