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The Hairy Coo

Scotland Tours

The Hairy Coo is an Edinburgh tour company offering exciting and fascinating day trips and multi-day coach tours of Scotland. All tours start and end in central Edinburgh and are presented by an experienced and entertaining Scottish guide.

3 Day Tour of Scotland

On the 3 day tour you will experience all of the must see highlights of Scotland, including the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, both the Cairngorm and Trossachs National Parks, Eilean Donan Castle and a Whisky Distillery!

5 Day Tour of Scotland

5 Day Isle of Skye, Oban, St Andrews & North West Highlands Tour with The Hairy Coo. You will experience all of the must-see highlights of Scotland, including the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, both the Cairngorm and Trossachs National Parks, Eilean Donan Castle and a Whisky Distillery!

Private Tours of Scotland

Create your very own bespoke tour through Scotland with help from our team of professional tour guides. Whether it’s 1 day or 2 weeks with us, we’ll make it an experience to remember.

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Address Suites 6 & 7 St John's Studios, 46A Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6RS
Phone 0131 212 5026
Phone 0131 212 5026
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Your Tour Scotland

Private Tours of Scotland

Your Tour Scotland offers private, bespoke tours of Scotland for small groups.

Types of Tours

Do you want to visit the land where your ancestors lived and worked? Or visit some of the best distilleries in Scotland? You could tour the famous golf courses in Scotland or just go for a relaxing trip through the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Whether you want to see a specific part of Scotland or take part in lots of activities we can create the perfect tour for you and your friends or family.

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Address Suite 41 Pure Office Bonnington Bond, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh. EH6 5NP
Phone 0131 212 5033
Phone 0131 212 5033

Featured article

The Kelpies by Hair Haggis

Why visit the Kelpies?

The Kelpies Mythical Scottish Water Horses

Discover The History Of The Kelpies

The magnificent tribute to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage. by Hairy haggis tours Scotland
The magnificent tribute to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage.

Located in Falkirk a large town in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, within the county of Stirlingshire. Lying in the Forth Valley, is where you will find The Kelpies. Unveiled in April 2014 as the largest equine sculpture in the world standing at 30-metre-high, these horse-head sculptures are situated in Helix Park near the M9 Motorway and are a fitting monument to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage.


But what are the ‘kelpies’?

The Kelpies a mystical Scottish legend, visit them on a hairy haggis day tour
The Kelpies a mystical Scottish legend

A kelpie is a shape-changing aquatic spirit of Scottish legend. Its name may derive from the Scottish Gaelic words ‘cailpeach’ or ‘colpach’, meaning heifer or colt. It is said that Kelpies like to haunt rivers and streams, usually taking on the shape of a horse.

The Kelpies lit blue to symbolise the summoning of water.
The Kelpies lit blue to symbolise the summoning of water.
The mystical Kelpie in the form of a water horse.
The mystical Kelpie in the form of a water horse.

These water horses can also appear in human form. They may materialize as a beautiful young woman, hoping to lure young men to their death. Or they might take on the form of a hairy human lurking by the river, ready to jump out at unsuspecting travelers and crush them to death in a vice-like grip.


Be cautious as Kelpies may look innocent, but these are malevolent spirits. The kelpie may manifest as a tame pony beside a river. This can be attractive to children – but they should be careful if they were to mount the pony, for once on its back, a sticky magical hide will not allow them to dismount! Once trapped in this way, the kelpie will drag the child into the river and then eat them.

The alluring human form of the Kelpie sat on the river bank.
The alluring human form of the Kelpie sat on the river bank.

Kelpies are also said to be able to use their magical powers to summon water up to flood and sweep passing travelers away into a watery grave.


Thunder is what the sound of a kelpie’s tail entering the water is to resemble. So, if you are ever passing by a river and hear an unearthly wailing or howling, take care: it could be a kelpie or an approaching storm.

kelpies reasons to visit
The Kelpies are magnificent to see.

But it’s not all bad news as a kelpie has a weak spot – its bridle. Written is Scottish folklore, it is said that anyone who can get hold of a kelpie’s bridle will have command over it and any other kelpie. A captive kelpie is said to have the strength of 10 horses with the stamina of many more and is highly prized trophy.


The MacGregor is rumored as a clan to have possession of a kelpie’s bridle, that has been passed down through the clan’s generations. The bridle is said to have come from an ancestor who managed to remove it from a kelpie near Loch Slochd.


The kelpie is even mentioned in a famous poem by the Scottish poet, Robert Burns,


‘Address to the Deil’:

“…When thowes dissolve the snawy hoord
An’ float the jinglin’ icy boord
Then, water-kelpies haunt the foord
By your direction
And ‘nighted trav’llers are allur’d
To their destruction…”

Kelpies in Scottish History

Scottish Kelpie

A common Scottish folk tale is one of the ‘kelpie and the ten children’. This story goes that having lured nine children onto its back, the kelpie then chases after the tenth. The kelpie catches the child and strokes its nose, but his finger becomes stuck in the nose of the Kelpie. The boy cuts off his finger though and escapes. The other nine children are dragged into the water, never to be seen again.


Through out history there have been many tales of water horses in mythology. For example, in Orkney there is the Nuggle, in Shetland the Shoopiltee and in the Isle of Man, the ‘Cabbyl-ushtey’. In Welsh folklore there are tales of the ‘Ceffyl Dŵr’.


Scotland has another famous mystical water horse, the ‘Each-uisge’, which lurks in lochs and is reputed to be even more vicious than the kelpie.

hairy haggis tours scotland visit the kelpies
Kelpie looking down.

So next time you are strolling by a pretty river or stream, be cautious as you may be being watched from the water by a malevolent Kelpie, if you are lucky you may be able to acquire your own 'Bridle'.


We really hope you enjoyed this tribute to The Kelpies mythical Scottish water horses. The amazing monument to the Kelpies is a a must see on a visit to Scotland.


Hairy Haggis Tours provide historical and cultural days out from Edinburgh and Glasgow, take a look at our tours here, We look forward to seeing you..


Follow the Hairy Haggis ... Where we go the others Follow.


Author: Hector The Hairy Haggis

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