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Cocktails With Mario

Mobile Bar Hire and Professional Bartenders


Cocktails with Mario is owned and run by Mario himself - a friendly and professional bartender that loves to share his passion for cocktail making with the world. Read on to find out more about Mario and see what his customers have to say about him.

Cocktail Making Classes

Become master at drinking cocktails & crafting your own! Learn to mix, muddle & mash in the comfort of your home or office. Perfect for Hen parties, celebrations, hen parties or surprise parties. There is no better way to kick start a group event than with a cocktail class. And don’t worry if you aren’t a drinker, everyone has the chance to create some amazing drinks whether they’re alcoholic or not.

Hire A Cocktail Bartender

Experience A Bespoke & Unique Event With Our Cocktail Bar Solutions @ Home or Workplace. Our Professional Bartenders Will make Party Experience Awesome With Their Greatest Skills. Get A Free Quote. Professional Bartenders. Event Services. Best Bartender.
Hire professional mixologists to make your party glisten with sophistication and impress your guests with some exquisite cocktails. Celebrate in style with mobile cocktail bartenders.

Cocktail Making Classes at Home

At cocktail making classes we specialise in fun cocktail making classes for a totally unique hen party or birthday experience.
We can bring the cocktail class to your house. If you would prefer to stay at home and have us come to you, then you are in the right place. We will organise the whole thing. Bringing all the shakers, strainers and equipment needed to turn your place into a fun bar set-up.

Services offered

Event Management Services | Mobile Bar Hire | Hire A Bartender | Mobile Bartenders For Hire | Wedding Services | Cocktail Bar Hire | Waiting Staff For Hire | Hire A Barman | Hire A Mixologist | Flair Bartender For Hire | Event Planning | Cocktail Making Classes | Mobile Cocktail Making Classes | Mobile Cocktail Hen Party | Cocktail Making Classes At Home | Cocktail Classes London | Wedding Mobile Bar Hire | Wedding Bar Hire | House Parties Ideas | Bar Hire | Hire A Cocktail Waiter | Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire | Hen Party Ideas | Hire A Bartender For A House Party | Mobile Bar Hire London | Bartender Hire | Cocktail Class | Childrens Party Venue | Hire Entertainer | Marquee Hire | Waiter Hire | Waitress Hire | Wedding Catering | Wedding Planning Services | Mixologists For Hire | Bar Consultancy | Cocktail Makers For Hire


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Address 19 Radnor Road
Phone 07427639368
Phone 07427639368
London Magician and Actor Brendan Patricks

London Magician Brendan Patricks

Magician London

If you're looking for the finest magician London has to offer, then you're in the right place. Brendan Patricks was the only magician in London to perform for cast and crew at the wrap parties for the Harry Potter movies, Downton Abbey & Gavin and Stacey.

He has also wowed Oscar winners Renee Zellweger and Sam Mendes. He’s even amazed international celebrities Harry Styles, James Corden, Rosamund Pike, Matt Smith and many more.

Brendan has been performing and studying magic for more than a decade.

He now provides incredible magic for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Member of The Magic Circle – a London-based society that exists to uphold and further the art of magic around the world.
Over a decade of experience in close-up magic.

Has worked as magic consultant creating advertising campaigns for JWT, O2, Trident and Helman’s.

Member of Equity, the performer’s union

Clients have included Sony, Universal, the BBC and many more. For more information see clients and venues

Venues Brendan has performed at include Highclere Castle, The Savoy, The Ivy Club, Soho House and many more. For more information see clients and venues.

Can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute and tell you the day of the week for any date named after 1600.

Get in touch today to share incredible magic with your party guests, with one of the UK's top magicians.

Wedding Magician

If you’re looking for a way to entertain your guests and make your big day even more memorable, a professional wedding magician is a great way to do it.

There are a number of ways in which you can integrate close-up magic into a wedding celebration:

At The Wedding Reception

Once the guests arrive at the main reception, there is often a drinks reception before the wedding breakfast.

If this is something you’re planning, then there is nothing better than close-up magic to keep the party atmosphere going in the build-up to the meal.

As your magician, Brendan mingles with the guests, performing what is known as strolling magic: The magic happens right in front of them, often in their own hands.

This is a great way to get people talking and it’s a wonderful ice breaker. It’s particularly good with extended families who may not know each other at this stage of the day.

During The Photos

At this point in many weddings, the majority of the guests will often find themselves at a loose end.

As they’re not required for most of the photos, they have nothing to occupy them while they wait.

This is where a magician can be used to provide amazing entertainment. Brendan can mix and mingle with your guests, performing magic for small groups and introducing guests to each other.

It can be a lovely surprise for the guests and word will spread fast that there is a magician present.

By bridging this gap in proceedings, you can make the transition from the ceremony to the reception seamless. You’ll feel sure that your guests will see top class magic, mixed with gentle humour from an experienced wedding magician.

During The Wedding Breakfast

After the wedding, this is the main event of the day.

It’s important to keep your guests entertained during the meal, while not interrupting the flow and conversation of the breakfast itself.

Brendan usually advises his wedding clients not to have magic during the main course. Instead it’s better to intersperse the magic with the starter and dessert/coffee.

This way, the guests are at their ease to chat and enjoy their main course without interruption while still having the benefit of being amazed and amused before and after.

Also, if there should be any little gaps in service for whatever reason, Brendan can step in and ensure the guests are kept in good spirits while they’re waiting for their dishes to arrive.

Again this makes for a seamless feel to the day. All of this adds up to make your big day as memorable as possible for the guests.

The Evening Session

Once the speeches are finished, many brides and their grooms invite other guests to the party.

There can often be a gap here: ‘New’ guests meet those that have been there from the start of the day.

Brendan can mix and mingle with everybody. He’ll break the ice and introduce people to each other while performing some truly astonishing magic.

Ready to make your wedding even more magical?

Party Magician

No matter what kind of event you’re holding, hire party magician Brendan Patricks to entertain your party guests.

Below you can read some of the most common ways in which Brendan helps his clients make their events magical.

party magicianWhichever type of event you’re holding, close-up magic is a unique experience for your guests. In fact, it’s an entertainment that many people have only seen on television.

If you’re holding a champagne reception or any party where your guests are mingling in small groups, close-up magic is a great way to create an atmosphere of amazement and enjoyment.

As your magician, Brendan mixes and mingles with your guests. He’ll perform magic for small groups, while introducing guests to each other.

Not only does it break the ice with guests, but it also provides a talking point that will be remembered long after the party is over.

Brendan knows exactly how to approach a group and within seconds have them laughing in amazement.

For larger events, with more than 150 guests, you may want to consider hiring more than one magician. In this case Brendan can arrange for another top magician to join him in entertaining your guests.

Table Magic At Your Party
party magicianIf you are holding a banquet or dinner for your party, you can add to the occasion by hiring a magician to perform some incredible close-up magic at their tables.

Having Brendan as your magician at dinner events is a great way to get the tables of guests talking and laughing with each other in no time.

What’s more, Brendan’s magic…

- Requires no technical set-up
- Provides unique, personal entertainment at each table
- Can cover any accidental gaps in service by keeping the guests entertained
- Brendan tends to advise his clients to hire him to perform during the starter and dessert. This allows the diners to enjoy their main meal without interruption.

This way your guests get the best of everything. They also remember your party for the great food and fine entertainment in equal measure.

Small Parties

If you’re having a more intimate party, Brendan can join you all for a 45 minute show to everyone incorporating mind reading, sleight of hand trickery, and a wealth of other magic.

This show is always tailored to your party and guests.

Ready to add some magic to your event?

Corporate Magician

There are a variety of ways that you can use corporate magician Brendan’s magic to dazzle your clients.

Below you can read some of the most common ways in which he helps his clients to make their events memorable and unique.

Close-up magic is a unique experience for your guests – an entertainment that many people have only seen on television.

Corporate Mix and Mingle Magic

If you’re holding a champagne reception or similar type of event where your guests are mingling, magic is a great way to create an atmosphere of amazement and enjoyment. To that end, Brendan will mix and mingle with your guests, performing magic for small groups.

Brendan’s magic breaks the ice with guests and get them talking, laughing and interacting. This guarantees that your event lives on in the memory of your guests long after it ends.

Having performed in hundreds of mix & mingle situations, Brendan knows exactly how to approach a group and within seconds have them laughing in amazement.

For larger events, with more than 150 guests, you may want to consider hiring more than one magician. In that case, Brendan can arrange for a top magical colleague to join him in entertaining your guests.

Table Magic

If you are holding a banquet or dinner for your clients, you can add to the event by hiring a corporate magician.

Having a magician at dinner events is a great way to get your tables of guests talking and laughing with each other. What’s more, Brendan’s magic…

- Requires no technical set-up
- Provides unique, personal entertainment at each table
- Can cover any accidental gaps in service by keeping the guests entertained
- Brendan can perform at tables between courses, allowing the diners to enjoy their food without interruption. Your clients get the best of everything.

Consequently, they remember your event for both the great food and the fine entertainment.

Trade Show/Product Launch

Magic is a universal language and when applied to trade shows and product launches, it’s fantastic way of drawing a crowd to your stand or product.

Brendan will pitch your product through bespoke magic effects. This creates visual hooks that will stay with people long after they leave.

After the magic, your representatives can answer any of the more technical queries, ensuring delegates a comprehensive and memorable experience.

Brendan can create magic that is unique to your product. He’ll promote its features and benefits in a magical way. As a result, this will galvanise your potential buyers and investors into staying to discuss the product with you. This in turn generates many more engaged leads.

Also, by presenting to groups throughout the day, your message will reach more people, more effectively. The Impossibilities are Endless!

Ready to create a buzz around your product or service?

Services offered

Magician | Hire Entertainer


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Hire a Cocktail Bartender

Mobile Bar Hire | Event planner


We offer a full Corporate Event Planner package, creating an event to your needs. Whether you want the entire event planned or just parts, we are tailed to organise the occasion. Our Corporate Event Planner are experienced to create the best possible function...

Cocktail Making Classes

We offer a unique cocktail party experience within your very own home or venue, serving up delicious cocktails using only premium-branded spirits, the finest of mixers and fresh fruits. From birthday parties to engagement celebrations, from hen nights to house warmings, from fund-raisers to corporate events, or even just a night in with friends. Whatever your reason for celebrating, The Vintage Cocktail Company offers a unique touch of glamour to your special event. We provide the mixologists, cocktail ingredients, glassware, ice and everything else required to ensure your party goes with a swing! We’re more than just a mobile bar service though.

Hire A Cocktail Bartender

We are a Mobile Bar Company who offer cocktails for any occasions and we were wondering if we could contribute to your special day with our drinks and expertise.
With our passion for cocktail creation and entertaining customers with unique cocktail making skills, we are sure we can keep your guests merry during the event.

Event Planning

Hire a Cocktail Bartender is dedicated to providing professional Business Event Organisers to help you plan, deliver and execute the perfect corporate events or corporate parties. Our dedicated experienced team of company event organisers have a wealth of experience in planning events as well as providing venue dressing & event equipment hire services for all corporate events. Let our Event Management Team help you make your event a success by getting in touch today.

Services offered

Bartender Hire | Cocktail Class | Catering Services | Mobile Bar Hire | Event Management Services | Staff Training | Hire Entertainer | Waiter Hire | Waitress Hire | Wedding Planning Services | Bar Hire | Wedding Bar Hire | Wedding Services | Cocktail Bar Hire | Bar Hire For Parties | Pop Up Bar Hire | Mixologists For Hire | Flair Bartenders For Hire | Hire A Barman | Waiting Staff | Cocktail Makers For Hire | Cocktail Waiter For Hire | Event Planning | Childrens Party Venue | Wedding Catering


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Address 19 Radnor Road
Phone 07427639368
Phone 07427639368

Featured article

Strong professional relationships can accelerate your business

Strong professional relationships can accelerate your business - UNCHECKED ... IT CAN RUIN IT TOO

Strong professional relationships can accelerate your business


Came across a thought provoking blog entitled Collaboration is Greater than Competition on the SBO website, and it served as a catalyst for me to do something I had been meaning to do for a while, which was to write an article based on my own personal experiences.

We continue in a very selfless way to network, support, recommend and advise others: As a Dyslexic, Musician, Contracts Manager, Engineering Technician, Marketer, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Person, Professional Complainer (I kid you not), someone who constantly questions most things in life and has a thirst for knowledge (I have been told I have a balanced left | right brain) .... I am strong in many areas, have many interests, decent level of skill-sets; and as such, it has always been in my nature to use those skill-sets to want progress in life .... more times than not, by helping others along their journey and being able and open to accept assistance too!

My mantra

helping to make a +ve difference to other peoples lives

A word of caution however on the topic of 'complimentary businesses', (as in any level of relationship), be sure your partner has the same ethos, values, level of integrity and intentions as you.


In the hight of the recession, we found that through reputation, marketing and dam hard work, our diary was as busy as it had ever been. It's not unusual to comfortably have 4 bookings in two days (I bet that made you think of Tom Jones)

When enquiries came in for dates where we were already booked, we decided the best thing was to selectively recommend others who we judged to be suitable alternative options. I am still amazed that so many people just ignore enquiries and not have the courtesy to send a reply .. even if just to say thank you for considering us, but ......

To that end, we actually set up a secret page on our website (now moved to our blogging site), where we redirected enquirers to view brief details and contact information on other music acts we felt worthy of recommendation.

We always reply to enquiries, even if we cannot help directly

It was only a few months later that we realised the consequence of those actions. To a couple of those suppliers who were at first bemused, yet very happy to receive those enquiries, from which they benefitted hugely, the Green Eye and Thought then turned to 'what is Gary doing to get so many enquiries and what can we do to get those enquiries instead of him.'

The lengths have been astounding to say the least .. and I want to highlight just 3 (won't go into others using our music, photos and video to market themselves):


Not happy about our Steelband.co.uk website constantly being in top 3 positions for key words on google, they Spammed our website url using blackhat techniques to damage the site reputation. It took several weeks to source all of those inbound links, request/action their removal and then present our case to goole to get that ban lifted - ironically I have never been a 'All in one basket eggs there be' kinda guy (soz for the Yoda speak) - so this did not hurt Steelasophical too much


One of those bands we recommended had actually set up a bogus business listing on google maps within our local area, using the address of a printing company based in an industrial estate within the town, so that anyone searching locally for Steel bands or Caribbean musical entertainment, would see their details along side ours (they are based more than 60 miles away) - not realising they might want to do some Local SEO for that bogus listing to be truly effective!


They seem me walking on water .... and want to tell people I can't swim

I recall in the 'ole days' before websites and the huge presence of the internet, I would receive a phone call or more often than not, a letter in the post asking for information (usually from being found in a publication ad or from a business card). I would type up and print out information/quote, place in an envelope, stick on a stamp and post off the reply, wait for a reply and/or follow up a week or two later.


You had 'Entertainment Agencies' - they would advertise in places such as Yellow Pages and the BT phone Directory, would build relationships with venues and almost every act in the country would source the bulk of their work through them!

Nowadays, a client can compose one email, and sent that out to countless numbers of suppliers in one hit, and if a reply to an email sent in the morning is not responded to that same day, a judgement is made on the reliability of that supplier - and in some instances you will be ruled out of the reckoning on that alone.

I know all this because as I do this for a living, (not a weekend hobby or past-time). Our quotes are usually turned around and an immediate further dialog started with the client well within 24 hours - we get to hear about experiences they have had with other suppliers, and in some instances feedback on what others say about Steelasophical .. DON'T USE STEELASOPHICAL BECAUSE .... I make a point of never actively putting someone else down, I can and do highlight why the concept of Steelasophical has advantages over the 'traditional' or 'norm' thats just standard marketing - but wrongly, maliciously, scandalously looking to smear others is not in my nature .. and never will be!

I am actively sending work their way .. they are actively seeking to do the opposite!

Steelasophical was one of the very first caribbean acts in the UK to use full color double sided business cards and perform solo with professional backing music. It is a skill to be a professional musical entertainer and market yourself ; being a musician is only a fractional part of that! - discussion for another day!!

thank you for getting back to us so quickly

or more often than not

Thank you for getting back to us at all

Some suppliers still have the old mind-set of sitting waiting for the phone to ring. The concept of marketing is alien, not to mention networking or advertising, and they wonder why others are busy working when they are home of-a-evening watching reality tv, dreaming of what might have been!

Sit and wait for the phone to ring?

Oh ... how things have changed

I myself suffered an accident and serious wrist injury that took music away from me for almost 3 years, after having an operation to place a plate and 8 screws in my wrist and years of physio and only a few months after deciding to do music full-time, having spent the previous 25+ years in the Building services industry and leaving a well paid job as a regional contracts manager at Kier.

How did I get my first booking as a soloist? - Purchased a copy of Johansens Luxury Hotel Guide, and wrote a personal letter of introduction to every single hotel general manager in the guide. The result was a great mutaul relationship lasting 6 years at the St Pierre Park Hotel Guernsey, providing music over the festive period to guests, up until the manager Jonathan Raggett left his position. At the time, it was the premier hotel on the island.

How did I get bookings as a soloist when such a thing never really existed before? - I discovered early the power of relationships and found 3 agencies that believed in me and bought into my vision. We worked 'together' for more than 15 years! 1st Choice Ents - 1st Class Ent - Mick Urry Ent - Today (as in the last 6 years) >95% of Steelasophical bookings come direct with end client .. in fact, we now actively pass on leads to suppliers, venues and agencies.

They realised the benefits in value for money, entertainment versatility, taking Steeldrums to places where a traditional band would not have been considered, opened up many more avenues for them being able to supply something unique and enhancing to augment any event

How did I get my first recording contract?- Went to the world music section in Virgin Music Piccadilly, and made a note of every music company listed on the rear of the recordings. I then sent a demo 'tape' to all of them. A reply from ARC music resulted in a working relationship that has seen Steelasophical music hold premium price in the marketplace and still continues to outsell most other titles in the genre over the last 12 year period!

There have been some amazing highs along my musical life journey - a recording contract with world music label ARC Music, allowing Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrum albums to reach a world audience, winning musical entertainment performance on Come dine with me, an episode that attracts endless re-runs, and even having one of my songs used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale

I love what I do with a passion ... undeterred, I will continue to network and build relationships as there are so many amazing people out there: venues, photographers, planners, caterers, entertainers, marketers, dj's and industry professionals - even more amazing is that every one of them have a story to tell and experiences to share! - and to top it all of, the people who's lives we get to touch through the power of our music, performance and words ... the client!

Go the Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded

I urge you to also continue to carry out all due-diligence, not allow doubters, enviers and haters to influence things too much. There is nothing wrong in giving honestly and freely and expect nothing in return .... leave it to Karma to sort out those who look to do you harm!


G a r y Trotman

We bring the Caribbean to you


Author: Gary Trotman - Steelasophical

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