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IT Recycle LTD


IT Recycle is one of the leading e-waste and IT equipment recycling companies servicing areas across the United Kingdom. We offer computer, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet recycling and data destruction services for individuals and businesses. Our IT disposal services are 100% compliant with GDPR and WEEE regulations. Our fully integrated value IT recycling solutions and processes maximize yield and reduce costs. IT recycling hardware has never been easier and safer with IT Recycle.

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Computer Repair Services | Data Security Services | Data Recovery Services



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Phone 07453029783

Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola

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Close Protection Bodyguard Services in London UK And Inernational
Armed Close Protection Services
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#1 Construction Site Security Services

Spetsnaz Security International provides SIA licensed, fully trained and insured construction security guards across London ana nationwide for many years. Ensuring your construction site is protected around the clock is vital to any projects success, especially large ones. After all, you likely leave equipment out that is susceptible to theft or damage, and expensive materials that can’t be stored in a warehouse day after day. There’s also the threat of property damage from ignorant individuals, as well as the threat of damage due to severe weather or other natural occurrences. Regardless of how you look at it, construction sites are vulnerable.

That is why investing in quality construction site security guards is so important. Our on-site security services provide around the clock monitoring of your site to ensure no significant losses occur.

How London Site Construction Security Services Can Help You:
There are more than a few reasons to invest in construction site security, with the top reasons found here.

Property and Materials Protection
Are you constructing a multi-million pound office building, or a single, residential home? Regardless of the project you're completing, our security services can prevent the property or material from being damaged, stolen or otherwise lost.

Tools and Equipment Protection
There are countless types of tools and equipment on any construction site. While some items can be locked away daily, others cannot. With security services from London Construction Security Guard Services, you don’t have to worry about your valuable equipment being damaged in any way.

Emergency Response Services
Emergencies at a construction site can occur day or night. We provide around the clock monitoring of your site to ensure no issues arise. If a problem does occur, we will respond and take care of the issue. Our team can handle emergency response needs at your construction site.

Trespass Prevention
Unfortunately, there are ignorant people in the world who will trespass on dangerous construction sites to steal or just look around. Our security team will prevent trespassing by ensuring guards and protective methods are in place.

Limit Weather Damage
While we can’t control the weather, we can help prevent damage from you expensive machines, equipment, and materials. If bad weather is expected, we will take the necessary precautions to help protect your valuable construction site materials and equipment.

Limit or Prevent Damage from Accidents
Accidents occur at construction sites all the time. Our team will help to identify issues and prevent them from causing serious harm. This can help reduce fees and liability for your company while safeguarding the workers at your construction site.

Our Goal is Superior Construction Site Security
It is easy for some people to assume that construction sites don’t need the same security that other types of commercial businesses do. However, this is just not the case. Without the proper security in place, your entire business and company are at risk of significant losses. One act of vandalism can cost thousands, or more, in damages and losses. With quality security services in place, this is a situation you can avoid.

Another benefit of construction site security is that projects will be better able to stay on track and on time. When you don’t have to worry about damage, access control, theft, trespassing and other common issues, you and your staff can concentrate on getting the job done.

London building site security guard services offers licensed and insured security services that are customized to the needs of your unique construction site. You can rely on the company for all security related matters and feel confident they will handle security issues in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Don’t risk your livelihood, invest in quality construction site security from London building security guard services to provide protection for your equipment, property, staff and more.

Any delays ensuing from either damage or theft can be very costly either through contractual penalties clauses been activated and you having to pay staff for non-working times.
Some of the other customers in this segment include consultants, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, project Management and surveyors.

Spetsnaz Security International Limited London Builds Confidence
By choosing Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. London, you receive a partner that protects your assets and employees throughout the construction process – from breaking ground to finished building.

At London 24 hours Security Guards we understand that your construction site will go through different phases as work progresses and that your security needs will vary during the course of the project. At London Security Guard Hire we therefore provide you with a flexible and scalable security solution comprising physical and technical security, guarding services and security consultation services that are adapted as the construction project progresses.

Your security solution is developed based on the need to ensure that nothing disappears or causes construction delays due to damage or theft, as well as the need to ensure that the construction site is a safe and secure workplace that is free of the accidents.

Security from the first step
At London Office Building Security we provide you with security throughout the entire chain. When your construction site has been marked and blocked off using fences and gates, we install access control systems, alarms and security cameras that are connected to our monitoring centre.

Our security cameras respond to heat and specific patterns of movement called motion detection, which enables our operators to react immediately if anyone tries to access the construction area, for example, by issuing warnings over speakers or calling a security officer or the police. At Hire Security Guards in Londo we supplement this service with patrolling guards who monitor the area at night.

Armed Close Protection Services
Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd. London provides Security Services aimed at protecting homes, workplaces and society. The main security service offerings are Specialised Guarding, Mobile Security Services, Remote Video Solutions and Monitoring Services.

As well as offering a "one-stop-shop" for all your security solutions, other services include, Access Control and Security of your Staff/Visitor and Vendors, Fire Prevention, Receptionist Security Services, Industrial Security Services, Alarm Monitoring as well as a blended mix of managed tailored security, bespoke solutions and call-out security services.

To provide fire watch and asset protection services for construction sites. To ensure that all raw materials and equipment are safe from fire theft, and sabotage. To ensure no illegal dumping occurs. To prevent trespassing from occurring on site.”
Emergency Fire Watch Security Guards
What does a fire watch guard do?
Fire Watch Guard is one of the most important factors to install in the construction sites to avoid fire accidents. By considering this fact, most of the buildings are equipped with fire safety alarms. In case if the system fails to alarm the appointed fire then safety guard will protect you and building from the fire accidents. Ensuring the proper functioning of the installed fire safety system is essential to take relevant actions when the fire alert on. Do you know the reasons how it is important to hire the fire safety guard? Continue reading this blog to find the answers to fire safety questions.

Worthy reasons to hire the fire watch security guard
Fire Watch Security can take responsibility for the safety of customers and employees from fire accidents. Professional firefighters work for the company to take care of business construction safety needs. There are some valuable reasons available which show the need of fire safety. Take a look at the following lines to know about it.

They ensure safety compliance
Security Guards got trained to monitor a particular or wide area to ensure the business in fire marshal complaints. They will ensure the safety measures quality and function to save the business from money in fines and compliance. When fire safety violence leads the business to shut down the fire watch guard can lower those risks. Fire watch guards will keep the company building and business away from bad publicity. They keep logs to maintain fire safety on time.

Professional solution provider
Fire safety compliance is required for every business to show how the business was protected from fire incidents. While hiring the fire watch guard they will give and make the recommendation files as a long-term solution to save the business construction from fire incidents. Security Guards London are being the best to provide safety ideas and practical solutions for the inhabitant to save them from fire. Those professionals offer the best protection cover with safety equipment to make the inhabitant safe if a fire break out.

They provide protection during the repair
The firefighters will not only help to maintain the safety logs they can also repair the fire safety system if it gets the repair or used. They can handle a fully equipped system to repair the fire system. Professionals from Security Services can identify the dangers quickly and give fire safety solutions instantly. Even they can experience to handle the unexpected fire equipment failure.

Their service on replacement
The fire safety system has to replace within a particular period whether it is used or not. The professionals from the Security Guard Services will appoint assistance to ensure the validity period of safety systems. By ensuring that, the professionals can take logs to replace the fire safety system before the expiring period. Even they will arrange the advanced machines to give safety for business and construction.

The right time to hire fire watch guard
You can appoint the safety guard service for many instances of situations to avoid fire accidents. At the special event hall or space while appointing the fire safety guard they will protect and ensure the safety for everyone. At the construction sites, you can appoint Commercial Security Services to avoid a lot of accidents, theft, and mishaps during the entire process of building a project.

At the fire susceptible structured buildings or space, it is essential to appoint the fire watch guard. They will inspect and ensure fire safety often to avoid and be prepared for any emergency situations. Additionally hiring the fireguard safety at the warehouse is better to save the structured building from machine fire accidents or other possibilities of fire accidents.

Final thought
If you find yourself and your structured space are in a bad situation subject to fire accidents immediately hire the professional fire safety service to save you from the loss. Find the earliest convenience to avoid fire breakouts with the professional fire watch guard.

Please contact us confidentiality to tell us more about your Construction and Building Site Security services and the types of security services that you are looking for. We will be happy to help out in any way possible to ensure that your construction site is a success.

Call us now on: +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp
We take pride in saying that none of the residential security companies in london offer any of our premium services at the price that we can offer. You can hire security for events, wedding, corporate parties and gatherings, film and tv sets, shows, pubs. concerts and for private events, debt collection, restaurants, night clubs, casinos etc.

Spetsnaz Security International Provides Services in following areas of London
North London | Camden |Euston |Hampstead |Highgate | Kentish Town |Kings Cross |Islington |Stoke Newington |St. Pancras |Wembley ....

South London |Brixton |Dulwich |Forest Hill | Greenwich |Lambeth |Southwark |Wandsworth | Wimbledon

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We Cover following postcodes for event security in London

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In addition we can deploy our services national or international 24/7, 7 days a week.

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Cash In Transit Security Services | Close Protection Security Services | Construction Site Security Services | Corporate Security Services | Data Security Services | Door Supervisor Security Services | Mobile Patrol Security Services | Security Guard Services | Vacant Property Security Services | Courier | Cctv Monitoring Services


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Phone +447599574524
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Telecoms Installer, Cloud VoIP, data cabling, CCTV installation & commission, Data networking cable installation, data switching, web design, commercial and residential.

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Phone Repair | Web Design Services | Cctv Monitoring Services | Data Security Services | Alarm Monitoring Services | Pat Tester


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Address Southend-on-Sea, UK

Connect 2 Mobile | Phone Repairs Guildford

Connect 2 Mobile offer very professional and dedicated personalised care for your gadgets. We believe we are the Best Phone Repair Shop in Guildford. We can service everything from phones to tablets and laptops. Additionally, you can purchase all your necessary accessories here!

Services offered

Laptop Repair | Mac Book Repair | Computer Repair Services | Console Repair | Data Recovery Services | Phone Repair | Data Security Services



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SSD Recovery

JT Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services

At JT Data Recovery we are an independent data recovery company based in Edinburgh. We specialize in recovery data from faulty or damaged storage media including:
Hard Drives
SSD Drives
Apple Macbooks
Most Smartphones
Raid array recovery
Nas recovery.

We offer a postal service throughout the UK, offering a free evaluation for any data recovery case as well a a fixed cost for data recovery. No data no fee.

Services offered

Data Recovery Services | Data Security Services | Data Recovery Hard Drives | Solid State Drives | Apple Macbooks | Laptops And Usb Sticks | Sd Cards And Cameras | Phone Repair | Computer Repair Services


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Address 14B Elgin Terrace
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Phone 0131 235 2486
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Refurbished Gaming PC

Computer Shop

Services offered

Computer Repair Services | Data Security Services



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Address 91 Easter Road
Phone 01314662652
Phone 01314662652

City PC Repairs

Laptop, Apple Mac, Smartphone, Tablet Repairs in Edinburgh

Trading since 2004 City PC Repairs offer a wide range of hardware, software and component level repairs for the following devices.

Apple Macs
Tablet repairs
Smartphone repairs
Screen repairs for laptops, tablets and phones
Data recovery from hard drives and ssd drives as well as flash media data recovery

All our work comes complete with a warranty and we offer a no fix no fee service as well as a no data no fee for our data recovery services.
Based in Edinburgh we accept repairs and data recovery cases at our shop in person or by post.

Services offered

Computer Repair Services | Phone Repair | Data Security Services | Apple Mac Repairs | Laptop And Mac Screen Repairs | Data Recovery Services | Iphone & Ipad Repairs | Console Repair


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Address 14 Elgin Terrace
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Phone 0131 661 9591
Phone 2 0778 4030 983 (phone 2)
Altoros Logo


Visit Website

Altoros is a 400+ person strong consultancy that helps Global 2000 organizations with the methodology, training, technology building blocks, and end-to-end solution development required to support digital transformation at scale. We turn cloud-native app development, customer analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence into products with a sustainable competitive advantage.

What we do

Our services range from assistance with selecting the most optimal technology stack, to developing complex solutions, and integration and migration of legacy systems.

Main areas of expertise

Custom Software and Product Development
Technology Consulting
Maintenance and Support
Cloud-native development (microservices, containers, PaaS)
Blockchain solutions for startups and enterprises
Integration and legacy systems modernization
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Robotic process automation
Staff Augmentation

Our team

400+ professionals work at Altoros:
- 91.5% are senior- and mid-level engineers.
- 30% are focused on R&D activities.


Altoros partners with the world’s leading technology vendors to fast-track expertise growth and arm our clients with unbiased and stack-agnostic advice:
- Pivotal
- Microsoft Partner
- IBM Cloud Partner
- AWS Partner

Services offered

App Development Services | Software Testing | Web Development Services | Web Design Services | Freelance Ruby Developer | Data Security Services


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Phone +1 (650) 662-5052
Phone +1 (650) 662-5052
Phone 2 855-258-67-67 (phone 2)
Phone Repair


Phone Repair Edinburgh

Welcome to Scot-Comp! We will Repair your: Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone, or Gaming Console. Our services:
Mobile Phone Screen Replacement, Phone Repair, Tablet Repair
HDMI Repair, PS4 HDMI replacement, XBOX HDMI Replacement
Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Cleaning, Computer Service, Thermal paste replacement
Iphone Repair, Iphone Screen Replacement, Apple Repair, Imac Repair
Data Recovery, HDD Repair.

90-Days Warranty
The way Scot-Comp work is straightforward. Whatever repair work we do, we offer a 90-day warranty for the same. Also, if we fail to fix a problem, you won’t be charged for that. We begin our process by first identifying the problem. In most cases, we fix the problem on the same day so that you can start using your device right away; however, in case of severe damage, we may keep your device. You will be notified about the day when you can pick up your device from us.

Professional Technicians
Our company is backed by a team of professional technicians and engineers who bring their expertise to the table. These technicians are well-trained, and they have in-depth knowledge about different Apple devices. Our technicians will go through your device and start troubleshooting the problem right away so that you don’t have to waste any time. Give us a call and bring your laptop to our office; let us take a look.

Phone Repair, Tablet Repair

We offer comprehensive mobile phone repair: iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and so on. Here at Scot-Comp Edinburgh we know how to handle tablet repairs of any kinds for competitive prices.

Data Recovery, HDD Recovery

Hard Disk Drives data recovery fixed prices. No Data, No fee, No hidden fees. Apple friendly.

Apple Product Repair, Iphone Repair

Pop into Scot-Comp office, and we will check what’s wrong with your Apple device and also offer you a free estimate for the repair cost. Whether you have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iMac, we can take care of everything. We understand that Apple products require some investment, and no one wants their investment to go in vain. This is the reason why Scot-Comp provides you with an affordable Apple product repair service. It’s alright if your device has exceeded the factory warranty period; our service won’t cost you much.

Services offered

Phone Repair | Computer Repair Services | Console Repair | Data Security Services | Data Recovery Services | Software Testing


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Phone 01314662652

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